Question: Will Amazon Ship To APO Address?

Amazon sells thousands of different products, and many of them can be shipped to overseas military mail addresses.

To ensure accurate and timely delivery, it is important to enter address information in the manner recommended by Amazon.

Cameras are among the items that Amazon cannot ship to an APO address.

How do I enter an APO address on Amazon?

The proper format to enter a military address is:

  • City – APO (Army Post Office)/FPO (Fleet Post Office)/DPO (Diplomatic Post Office)
  • State – AA (Armed Forces Americas)/AE (Armed Forces Europe)/AP (Armed Forces Pacific)
  • Zip Code.

What companies ship to APO addresses?

Major Online Retailers

  1. Amazon. Amazon ships most items, although there are some restrictions like dimensional shipping limits, weight, large/oddly shaped items, and hazmat items.
  2. WalMart. Similar to Amazon, WalMart does ship to APO/FPO addresses with some restrictions.
  3. Ebay.
  4. Best Buy.
  5. Newegg.
  7. Target.

Is shipping to APO considered international?

Overseas U.S. military bases are considered domestic (U.S.) shipments, which means you need to select United States as the ship-to country. Do not select the country where the base is located. The city should always be either “APO” or “FPO” in a properly formatted APO FPO address.

Does DHL ship to APO addresses?

Although DHL Express cannot deliver to PO, APO, or FPO box address you may request the shipment to be held for pickup. Note: The receiver address is still required for customs on international shipments.